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The best triathlon bikes for under 5,000 euros

The best triathlon bikes for under 5,000 euros

Swim, bike, Run - but on which bike?

Endurance athletes and all those who want to become one, pay attention: Today we are talking about the supreme discipline of endurance sport, the triathlon. If you've been thinking about trying it out for a while now, this post is for you. Because even though you can really push yourself in your three favorite disciplines (swimming, cycling, running), you also have to get Equipment in all three. And pay for it. So the supreme discipline comes with a supreme price tag as well. But don't worry: We'll help you with saving some money - at least for the bike part: These are the five best triathlon bikes for beginners that cost less than 5k.

1. Felt B Performance

Those who have a problem with rim brakes can skip this option alltogether. But if you want a great bike with Carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra 11-speed components at an unbeatable price, the Felt B Performance is just right for you. At just 2,699 euros, it is the cheapest bike on this list and ideal for beginners, since the frame geometry is relatively less aggressive. This results in a less nervous ride and allows you more security in this new discipline. The seatpost and fork are held in the design of the first-class Felt IA Bike, only storage space is missing with Felt B Performance.

Felt B Performance

2. Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc

It is the cheapest triathlon bike of the manufacturer from Koblenz. For 2,999 euros you get a high-quality bike that shares it's high performer DNA with Canyon's top models, but costs only a fraction of them. The frame and fork are made of Carbon , the cockpit cuts through air as if it was butter and the Selle Italia Watt Superflow saddle are just as aerodynamic. Furthermore, the disc brakes and the Shimano 105 group provide a first-class riding experience. The Speedmax also has some clever integrations: The "bento box" on the top tube with space for power gels or your Multitool , the bottom bracket box for spare parts as well as an adjustable cockpit.

What makes this bike special compared to other bikes in the same price category is the built-in Shimano 4iiii Precision Powermeter. For those looking to take their triathlon game to the next level, the Speedmax CF 7 Disc is a more than solid option.

Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc

3. BMC Timemachine One

The Timemachine is the aerodynamic king of this list: Thanks to fully integrated cable routing, shortened profiles, crosswind-stable tube shapes and the super-slim front end, this carbon bike races away. The highlight is definitely the VMax technology from BMCwhich gives you the most diverse adjustment options for an optimal seating position with the best possible contact points. You also get with the Shimano 105 group, the Shimano Dura-Ace Handlebarend circuit, the Shimano RS100 wheels and the Fiz:iks Mistica saddle: Which are all pretty high-quality components. You further benefit sufficient storage space thanks to the integrated rear wheel box or the various holders that are provided.The Timemachine One convinces with it's pricetag too: It costs 3,299 euros, which is a fair price for a very capable bike.

BMC Timemachine One

4. Cervelo P series

If you're looking for speed and value, but don't want to skimp on comfort and storage, this bike is for you. Cervelo has incorporated many features of the Cervelo P5 and improved them in the new P-series: The aerodynamics have been optimized and the weight has been significantly reduced, giving you an even faster bike, which is also outrageously practical. In the delivery package a 500ml aero bottle is included, a 400 ml storage space is built in the top tube and a hydration system holder is integrated at the rear wheel.

In addition Cervelo increased the lateral stiffness, which gives you a stable and safe ride. And even if the components (Shimano 105 groupset, Alexrims Boondocks-5D wheels) play more in the solid midfield, it's the sophisticated frame that earns this €3,799 bike a well-deserved spot on our list.

Cervelo P-Series

5. Argon E-117 tri disc

Last but not least, a fan favorite among triathlon bikes for beginners. The E-117 Tri Disc is the first triathlon bike from Argon to forgo rim brakes in favor of disc brakes. Smart choice, because that allows the installation of the high-quality SRAM Force 11-speed Groupwhich is coupled to hydraulic disc brakes and significantly increases the performance of this "beginner" bike.

For 3,674 euros, the bike offers you excellent agility, adaptability and secure handling, which makes it super user friendly and practical. You get various storage spaces on the top and down tube and a built-in rear hydration bladder, in short: A rock-solid triathlonbike.

Argon E-117 Tri Disc

Those were our top 5 triathlon bikes for beginners. And even if these extremely capable bikes at fair prices allow you to increase your performance in this discipline, we have to say this once: You don't need a 4,000 Euro bike to do a triathlon. Especially if you are a complete beginner, you can absolutely use your normal road bike for the time being and get to know the sport a little better first. You might not have aero handlebars or integrated storage space for power gels and water on those, which can be benefitial for a TT-race but for the beginning it is just enough. And there are even triathlon pros who prefer their normal bike on some routes!

But whether it's an expensive triathlon or a costly road bike, you'll still save the most if you buy it on buycycle. With us you are guaranteed to find the ideal pre-owned bike for your next race and not only your do wallet, but also the environment a favor. For questions about the  triathlon sportt or your perfect next bike, our team is there for you and a look at the blog is always worthwhile. For now, we wish you a lot of fun in the triathlon game (now you can really get started) and as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!