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Road clear for Bianchi

Is Bianchi a good bike company? Absolutely! We present the history of Bianchi bikes - including tips for the Bianchi Outlet!

Road clear for Bianchi
Photo by James Orr / Unsplash

Everything about the Italian bike manufacturer, including tips for the Bianchi outlet.

We would argue that there isn't a heart from the cycling community that doesn't beat faster at the sight of this color: Bianchi's turquoise blue "Celeste" has become an icon of Italian cycling and passion for the two-wheeler. For over 130 years, the manufacturer has been shaping bicycle culture with the always right pinch of "Italianità". We take you on a little journey into the past, when today it's called: Clear the road for Bianchi.

Edoardo Bianchi is just 20 years old when he opens his own workshop in Milan in 1885. In the beginning, only a few bicycles were stacked next to hardware of all kinds, but by 1899 at the latest, Edoardo's "Officina Mechanica" was fully dedicated to cycling, and a Bianchi bicycle won the Grand Prix de Paris that same year. Another ten years later, Bianchi has 400 employees and is the official bicycle manufacturer of the Italian royal family.

Today, this first Grand Prix win is followed by countless cycling winners in the turquoise Bianchi jersey: Mario Cipollini, Jan Ullrich, Julien Absalon, Lars Boom. The legendary Fausto Coppi wins the Giro d'Italia in 1947, the Tour de France in 1949 and becomes an Italian national hero. 49 years later, Marco Pantani takes home the trophy of the Giro and the Tour de France in one attempt - on his Celeste aluminum bike.

Bianchi is Celeste, Celeste is Bianchi. Some say the turquoise hue was meant to capture the Milanese sky above the Bianchi factory, but many legends surround the color. One says that Edoardo was giving cycling lessons to Italy's Queen Regina Margherita at the time, and built her a bike that would be the color of her highness' bright blue eyes. She was so delighted that she allowed him to use the Italian royal coat of arms in the Bianchi logo as a thank you. Some consider this story to be too romantic, but the color may simply have been one of the few that was continuously available at a good price on a paint market where black in particular was in great demand, and therefore offered itself. Where exactly the color comes from ultimately remains open, but it is certain that hardly any brand element is a more concentrated symbol of tradition, quality and magic than Bianchi's radiant turquoise.

Not only aesthetically Bianchi has enriched the cycling world, the brand is also at the forefront of innovation.

During the First World War, Italian mechanics dedicate themselves to the military and, in the process, invent the first full-suspension bicycle: in 1915, the mountain bike is thus born. It weighs 35kg, but it's there. And even if you wouldn't guess it, Bianchi still produces high-quality mountain bikes today, like the Methanol CV FS, which is a multiple MTB race winner and a premium cross-country full. It is equipped with Bianchi's groundbreaking CV technology.

This special carbon composite is an innovation product from the Bianchi laboratory in Treviglio. In the "Countervail" process, layers of viscoelastic resin are embedded between the carbon fibers to produce high-quality carbon frames. Thus, the frame absorbs up to 80% of all vibrations during the ride, which promises more control and saves muscle energy.

Not for nothing is the Bianchi Lab a small innovation hub in the bike world. There, every bike is assembled by a single person, 3D design is used and even if the frames themselves are made in Taiwan, they are tested in Treviglio and thoroughly tested in every riding situation.

In 1986, aero bikes were fine-tuned there for Bianchi's C4 series, even before anyone other than Formula 1 developers ever tinkered in wind tunnels. In 1996, one of the first racing bikes with disc brakes was built for Russian racer Evgeni Berzin. This was followed by a titanium racing bike for Magnus Backstedt, a time trial bike for Pantani, the "Pirate", another for Mario Cipollini's last Grand Tour... the list could go on and on.

And today? Bianchi offers the highest quality road bikes, gravel and mountain bikes, even e-bikes can be found in the range. Some of the modern icons are the aforementioned Methanol CV FS and also the Bianchi Oltre Road bikes have become indispensable in the major competitions. The Italians do not disappoint even inexperienced Radler:innen, the C-Sport or Spillo wheels are designed for urban everyday life and convince here too. Whether triathlon, endurance, cyclocross, with or without motor, for forest or asphalt - Bianchi plays in everything in the first league.

Edoardo wanted to build winning bikes at his Reparto Corse. 138 years later, he should be immensely proud.

If you're just looking for your new Bianchi bike, check out the buycycle store, we have numerous on offer. If you have any questions, you can always contact our team, we are here to help you with words and deeds. Until then we wish you as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling (whether on a Bianchi bike or not)!

Bianchi Outlet Tips | buycycle

What Bianchi has created, only a few bicycle manufacturers succeed in doing: a trademark that transports an attitude to life. Anyone who sees turquoise racing bikes pass by immediately thinks of Bianchi - and of endless switchbacks in the Italian sun. "Celeste" is the name of the shade that adorns the bicycle frames and cycling jerseys of Bianchi Milano. The success story began in 1885, when Edoardo Bianchi opened his first factory in Milan. Ten years later, his bicycles moved into professional sports. To this day, it is impossible to imagine cycling without Bianchi. The manufacturer with tradition convinces its clientele not only with the memorable look. The frames combine stiffness and lightness, high performance is the result. In addition, Bianchi offers more than road bikes. In addition to bike types such as triathlon or cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes or mountain bikes are manufactured. Each type is also available with a motor as an e-bike or e-road bike. High-quality products are offered in all price ranges. But especially with high-priced models, it is worth looking for discounted or used alternatives instead of buying a new model. For the sake of the environment, bikes from the outlet also make sense. No matter if used bike, discontinued model or former show piece- these bikes are already produced and shipped. So every new purchase consumes a lot of resources, even though there are enough used bikes available on the market. Here you can find out how you can buy a Bianchi bike at a reduced price and in an environmentally friendly way.

What is the difference between Bianchi Outlets and the normal Bianchi Store?

Bianchi bikes are sold in Germany by dealers who have included the brand in the range of their bike store. On the website of Bianchi there is a store locator, through which you can find Bianchi dealers in your area. There is also a website of Bianchi itself, which offers discounted accessories and clothing - but currently no bikes. There is currently no Bianchi factory outlet open in Germany where discounted bikes can be viewed on site. In Italy, near Bergamo, there is a factory outlet. From Bianchi dealers can be found online sporadic offers for discounted bikes. They advertise that they carry an online outlet of Bianchi. Here it is worth paying close attention to the prices. Models are not always really offered cheaper compared to buying new.

What bikes are offered in the outlet?

Outlets-whether online or on-site-offer bikes at a discount for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, used bikes are sold. These may have visual defects and signs of use. On the other hand, outlets are intended to sell stock. Especially models of the last season, discontinued models that are no longer produced or former exhibition models for test rides take away the space for the new releases of the next season. Remaining stocks of bicycles that are only available in a few sizes or special designs are also often offered as bargains to make room for new products.

How good is the availability?

In contrast to other bicycle manufacturers, Bianchi's outlet offer is meager. There is no factory outlet in Germany itself. Discounted bikes cannot be purchased via the official Bianchi website either. The only option is to search online for bargains via Bianchi dealers.

What are the models of bicycles?

Bianchi offers different bike models that are designed to meet specific needs. From the classic Bianchi Reparto Corse to the innovative Bianchi Specialissima, the manufacturer shines with its technology - from the handlebar tape on the handlebar to the shifting group. In the following, some bikes of the Italian cult brand are presented to you.

Bianchi Aria

The aero road bike is designed for speed. For this purpose, it is equipped with various racing groups like the Campagnolo Chorus or the Shimano Ultegra 11sp. Both for the triathlon, as well as for mountain stages, the road bike with carbon elements is suitable.

Bianchi Impulso

Frames from the Impulso series are made of aluminum. The frame geometry is rather comfortable for a sports bike and is therefore suitable for ambitious beginners and long-distance riders. The Impulso series includes gravel bikes, tourers, e-bikes, road bikes and allroad models and is in the mid-price segment. The Bianchi Impulso Allroad is a gravel bike equipped with the Shimano GRX 600 or GRX 810 groupset. The GRX line is specifically designed for gravel bikes from Shimano.

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc

This model is one of the most popular road bikes from Bianchi. It offers comfort by absorbing vibration and the upright riding position, which is favored by the frame geometry. This makes it suitable for long-distance enthusiasts and people who sometimes roll over cobblestones.

Bianchi Oltre XR4

The frame of the Oltre XR4 is designed for aerodynamics. Due to the geometry and light weight of the carbon frame, it is ideal for racing. The road bike is popular in professional sports. The Shimano Ultegra Di2 is installed as a racing group on the model. Price-wise, the Bianchi Oltre XR4 is in the medium to high price segment.

Bianchi Specialissima

Wheels from the Specialissima collection are lightweight and aerodynamic thanks to carbon frame. The road bike is ideal for climbing the mountains over switchbacks and for fast downhill rides. It was developed for World Tour professionals. Various road bike groups such as the Shimano Ultegra Di2 or the Sram RED eTap AXS were installed in the Specialissima collection. The racing machine is in the upper price segment.

Bianchi Via Nirone

The Via Nirone is suitable for road bike beginners. Aluminum frame and comfortable seating position are ideal for gaining your first experience on a road bike.

Are there alternatives to the outlet?

Are you looking for your future bike with the best price, there are other options than the outlet. Various online marketplaces offer used bikes for sale at a discount. The buycycle team wants to offer an alternative to bike outlets. With a focus on high-quality used bikes, we offer a variety of top models. We do not limit ourselves to specific types of bikes. Feel free to check out our website for choices ranging from road bikes to MTBs, from e-bikes to trekking bikes. Among them are a lot of different models from Bianchi. You can order your dream bike conveniently from us to your home, and you don't have to search for a suitable dealer on the Bianchi website. You don't need to have any doubts about quality or a safe purchase. After all, you have a legitimate interest in a flawless bike. Mainly people sell their bikes because they have no more use for them. This leads to the fact that the used bikes are hardly inferior to the new models. You have the option to return the bike if you have imagined your dream bike differently. We also offer various payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna, credit card, instant bank transfer or installment purchase. The buycycle team is available to help you choose the right bike model or answer any questions you may have about the purchase process. Feel free to browse the Bianchi store at buycycle and find discounted top models.