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Europe's largest selection
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buycycle bike valuation

buycycle bike valuation

How much is your used bike worth?

Selling your used bike has never been so fast, safe and uncomplicated as with bucycyle. Now even more so, because our team has really gone all out to make your bike sale as optimal as possible. The result? Our bucycyle bike-valuation , which tells you after only three clicks how much your used road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike is worth!

1. enter your model

Our bike database is huge, so in most cases, your old bike should be displayed directly when you type in brand and model. Whether road bike, MTB or Gravel, from Canyon to Pinarello, we know them (almost) all.

2. choose your wheel

Once the brand and model are decided, we will suggest all the bikes in this range, you just have to choose yours.

3. continue and ready

One last click on "Next" and you're at your destination: the price estimate, our bike valuation . We use thousands of data points to give you the best possible price quote and can therefore suggest an appropriate price range for your used bike.

... you like what you see?

Then you're just one click away from selling your bike. Set a fair price, add details about condition, components and history, and a few photos. And the amount from bucycyle bike-valuation could be in your bank account after a few days, and your old bike with a happy new owner:in.

More information about selling bikes on buycycle can be found here and if you have any questions you can always contact our team. Until then we wish you: Happy valuating, happy selling, happy cycling!