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The 9 best new bikes of 2023

The 9 best new bikes of 2023
Photo by Thomas Jarrand / Unsplash

These were the most exciting bike drops of the year

2023 is slowly coming to an end. That means it's time to look back on an eventful, exciting and turbulent year for cycling and the cycling community. The best moments of the cycling season have already been summarized in a blog post, today it's more about hard facts than touching anecdotes - or rather, it's about all the bikes that were launched in 2023. There were plenty of exciting new editions of well-known models in 2023, Specialized has launched its new S-Works and his Roubaix updated, Focus has reinvented the reinvented the Izalco Max and Giant updated its Revolt model. But hand on heart: which were the best new bikes of the year? Team buycycle presents its top 9: three road bikes, three gravel and three mountain bikesso that there is something for everyone.

Top gravel bikes 2023

If you're looking for the best gravel bikes of the year, then you've come to the right place. And a brief gravel 1x1 for all those who are not yet familiar with these bikes: Gravel bikes are all-road heroes that are characterized above all by their large tire clearance and special geometry, which is more stable in handling and guarantees comfort even on rough surfaces. Here are the top three models for 2023:

1. Canyon Grail CFR Di2

The first bike on this list is more than just a ReviewIt has won both the UCI Gravel World Championships and the famous Unbound race, where the new Grail was spotted for the first time. In the new version Canyon has placed particular emphasis on improved aerodynamics, handling and comfort.

The handlebars have been redesigned and have a new double-drop stem, and a storage compartment has been integrated into the down tube, in which a multi-tool, a tire lever and a few other gadgets can be stowed away. The updated frame geometry provides even more stability and yet the Grail remains an aggressive bike, with which you can easily reach and conquer high speeds. The fact that it remains comfortable even on uneven terrain can be attributed to the Canyon Ultimate seatpost concept adopted from the Ultimate. For a relatively fair 6,999 euros, you also get high-quality components, such as a Shimano GRX Di2, DT Swiss GRC1100 wheels and the Fizik Terra Argo X1 saddle.

Canyon Grail CFR Di2

2. focus atlas 8.9

The new Focus Gravel bike with carbon frame is the more sophisticated version of the previous aluminum models from the Atlas range. However, it remains a bike that is ideal for long tours and bikepacking-adventures. The Atlas 8.9 is a good 1.7 kg lighter than the Atlas 6.8, the stem has been redesigned so that all cables are now fully integrated and you can easily reach the 44 cm wide handlebars. handlebars enough space for a handlebar bag. Two panniers, each weighing up to three kilograms, can be mounted on the luggage rack, which is available separately, once again emphasizing the bikepacking DNA of this Gravel. It also comes with an electronic 12-speed groupset from SRAM's Rival eTap AXS XPLR series, a 10-40T cassette that is ideal for gravel use and WTB Riddler tires that make the most of the 45 mm tire clearance - all for € 4,299.

Focus Atlas 8.9

3rd Orbea Terra M21e Team IX

It is one of the most capable all-rounder gravel bikes to hit the market this year. The new Orbea Terra M21e Team IX is fast, comfortable, handles well and is stable on any surface. With the lightweight carbon frame you can climbs and thanks to the storage compartment in the down tube and plenty of space for bags on the frameit is also ideal for bikepacking.

What is particularly practical is that you can use any stem and gravel bar combination and any seat post. seat post on the new Terra, which makes it even more versatile. Cables are routed internally, the geometry allows agility on technical trails and stability at high speeds and thanks to the 45 mm tire clearance, you can equip yourself with the right tires for any terrain. The SRAM Force AXS XPLR drivetrain is a reliable choice, as are the Rapid Red 500 DB 700c gravel tires. The price of this true all-rounder hero is 3,999 euros.

Orbea Terra M21e Team IX

Top road bikes 2023

This year has seen a number of new releases that have taken the road bike scene a step forward in terms of aerodynamics, speed and lightness - the new Specialized SL8 S-Works, which we've been following for a while now, is a great example. article is just one of many examples. If you're looking for the most capable, fastest and lightest road bikes from 2023, you'll find them here: These are our top three road bikes of 2023.

1st Cervélo S5

If you want an opinion on the Cervélo S5, you might want to ask Jonas Vingegaard and Wout van Aert. After all, they both rode this bike in the Tour de France 2022 won the yellow and green jerseys. It's unbeatable on a straight line and rides fantastically, especially in corners where it offers extremely good handling, reacting quickly but not unsteadily to your impulses. Above all, this extremely successful synergy between rider and bike sets the Cervélo S5 apart from other bikes that are similarly impressive in terms of aerodynamics and speed. And even though it has a carbon frame at just over 8 kg, it is not the lightest bike , but this is hardly noticeable when riding.

The tire clearance of 35 mm is ideal for racing purposes and the components (SRAM Force eTap AXS and Reserve 52/63 wheels) also offer you a high-end riding experience. However, the price is also high-end at a proud 10,199 euros.

Cervélo S5

2nd Trek Madone SL7 GEN7

In terms of aerodynamics, the new Trek Madone is the clear winner on this list. It is also almost 400 grams lighter than the previous model, although a new, heavier but also more durable carbon layup was used for the frame. The eye-catching cutout in the frame under the seatpost, called IsoFlow, has two major advantages according to Trek: Firstly, it makes the bike more comfortable, and secondly, it optimizes airflow.

But the IsoFlow is not the only aerodynamic feature on the SL7. The handlebars has been renewed, instead of a one-piece cockpit, the Bontrager flared RSL aerobar is now fitted with the RCS Pro stem, all cables are routed internally and the Kammtail tube profiles also do their job. This makes it even easier to reach high speeds on the flat and the SL7 also remains responsive and safe in handling. So for 7,999 euros you get a true road bike, including Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain and carbon wheels.

Trek Madone SL7 GEN7

3. Cannondale CAAD13 Disc 105

Perhaps an unexpected choice, but there should also be a model here for beginners that offers you an ideal introduction to road cycling. The elongated geometry of the CAAD13 is based on the Cannondale Carbon SuperSix and the aerodynamic tube profiles are also reminiscent of this professional model. Both features result in first-class handling and despite the aluminum frame the bike is relatively light. You can easily fit 30 mm tires and are therefore ideally equipped for any asphalt track without having to compromise on comfort and performance.

Especially thanks to the reasonable price of 1,899 euros, it's a perfect first road bike and you get a hydraulic Shimano 105 drivetrain, aluminum RD 2.0 wheels and DT Swiss R470 tires.

Cannondale CAAD13 Disc 105

Top mountain bikes 2023

Also in the MTB-scene has also changed a lot this year. New models offer innovative suspensions and lighter frame materials that provide an incomparable off-road experience. From robust trail bikes for challenging descents to agile cross-country models, here are the buycycle top three mountain bikes for 2023:

1st Pinarello Dogma XC

In just one mountain bike world championship Pinarello MTBs have won three gold medals - hardly any other manufacturer can claim that, and even more impressive when you consider that Pinarello has only recently re-entered the MTB scene.

The new Dogma XC is an important step back towards the trails (the first in eleven years) and was ridden for the first time by Tom Pidcock and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot during the Olympics, both in the full suspensionas well as the hardtail version. Both models have a rather distinctive bottom bracket with an additional flex brace. The stiffness is therefore highest in the area of the bottom bracket, which is why maximum power transmission can be achieved when pedaling. The rear triangle has visible asymmetries in the seat and chain stays, in typical Pinarello style, and all cables are routed internally for an even cleaner look.

Admittedly, we're cheating a little when we include the new Pinarello Dogma XC in this list - it's not even available yet. Nevertheless, its new edition was one of the most exciting news from the MTB world this year and we see it as a reason to look forward to it.

Pinarello Dogma XC

2. Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp

The new Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp shines on technical descents in particular and conquers them with as much stability and confidence as you can imagine. It's also fantastic on climbs, especially if you adjust the geometry accordingly. You read that right: On the Evo Jump, you can readjust the angle of your top tube by up to two degrees and also move the bottom bracket up or down by up to 7 cm. A customizable frameWe've never seen anything like it and you benefit from six different possible geometries and riding positions that you can adapt to any terrain. With the new Evo Jump you also get an improved Plush FSR suspension and a storage compartment integrated into the frame. The only drawback? If you're riding on trails that aren't too rough and won't be making use of all the features mentioned above, the Stumpjumper might be a little too heavy and bulky for you without offering any real added value. Conversely, the bike is all the more worthwhile for more aggressive riders who want to give their all even in the most difficult terrain. And want to spend 4,599 euros on it.

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp

3rd YT Jeffsy Core 5 CF

The fact that we are big YT Industries fans should have become clear at the latest when we became the official trading partner for the manufacturer's pre-owned and refurbished bikes. With the new Jeffs Core 5 CF, YT has set out to create a bike that is made for real mountain bikers and adapts to how they really ride. Thanks to this intention, the Core 5 CF gives you soft suspension with 150 mm travel from Fox Factory, an ultra-high-end carbon frame and an MTB that climbs effortlessly and can be relied on even on the gnarliest descents. The wireless SRAM Xo AXS drivetrain and Crankbrothers Enduro wheels made of aluminum are installed, so for 6,000 euros you get a real MTB all-rounder with very good components.

The new models of these bikes are impressive, no question about it. But the predecessor models can also do quite a lot and the good thing is that you can find them at a discount on buycycle you can find them! Pre-owned and in top condition: there's bound to be one for you among the 17,000 road, gravel and mountain bikes on our marketplace. If you have any questions, our team is always there for you and you can find more information about bikes on the blog. So browse around a bit, we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!