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The top bikes 2023

The top bikes 2023

New year, new luck, new bike? Why not one of last year's stars? My top nine bike models from 2023 have already been published in another blog post but now it's Shirin's turn. In a YouTube video, she has presented the best, fastest, lightest bikes of the past year for you - and whether gravel bike, road bike or mountain bike, there is something for everyone in her list.

The best road bikes 2023

When it comes to speed, agility and that special kind of adrenaline rush, road racing bikes are your first choice. And in 2023, there were three models that we absolutely have to talk about.

1st S-Works Tarmac SL8.

Let's start, unsurprisingly, with the new S-Works Tarmac SL8. A bike that has caused quite a stir, especially in terms of aerodynamics, weight and ride quality. Specialized has made significant progress with the SL8, especially in terms of ride feel, and the brand once again shows a solid understanding of what the interaction between rider and bike ideally looks like... The SL8 has increased its stiffness-to-weight ratio by 33%, so that every pedal stroke is pedals is converted into even more powerful performance. As a result, the SL8 is 16.6 seconds faster over 40 km than its predecessor, securing it a well-deserved place on our list. It's also lighter, weighing just 685 grams in the medium size.

The Tarmac SL8 combines Venge and Aethos features to create a speed demon with balanced handling - even faster than the Venge from 2020. Yes, it costs a hefty € 14,000, but Specialized also offer other models at different price points that are fantastic alternatives without the S-Works price tag. And who knows how soon the new S-Works will turn up buycycle will appear and be available at a lower price...

S-Works Tarmac SL8

2nd Cervélo S5.

The S5 has a clear goal: to be the first to cross the finish line. No sooner said than done, the bike helped Jonas Vingegaard to win his yellow jersey at this year's Tour de France in this year's Tour de France. With the S5, Cervélo has reduced air resistance by 65 grams, increased the overall surface area by deepening the aero profiles on the head tube and bottom bracket and reduced the overall weight compared to the previous model. The V-shaped handlebars has been upgraded and the stem is now easier to change. In addition, the electronic groupset, the faster frame design and a new set of spare wheels guarantee first-class performance - because the new spare 52/63 wheelset outperforms the previous 50/65 model by around 5 watts. Without a doubt, the Cervélo S5 is a true beast, designed for aggressive performance and is possibly one of the fastest bikes out there. But the price is also a bit aggressive at 13,499 euros. However, Cervélo offers different models that only differ in the shifting components differ. So, whatever your preferences, Cervélo has the right bike for you.

Cervélo S5

3. Giant Propel Advanced SL0.

Let's take a look at the Giant Propel Advanced SL 0, an impressive aero bike designed for high speed on flat terrain, cutting through the wind with ease. Unlike typical aero bikes with bulky tubes that make them stiff but heavy, the new Propel breaks the norm. It weighs 6.9 kg in the medium size, is also fast and even saves 6 watts over 40 km/h compared to the old model. This progress could be thanks to the new aerodynamic tube shapes and the 50 mm wheels. The Contact SLR Aero cockpit and OverDrive Aero cable routing system provide a perfect balance between performance and practicality and offer a 31.8 mm handlebar clamp for customized options.

Although the top model is relatively expensive at 11,999 euros, more budget-friendly options such as the "Advanced Pro" or "Advanced" are also available. Both have a D-shaped carbon-seatpost in the frame, but do not have the carbon-structure of the SL models. Nevertheless, both are solid bikes!

Giant Propel Advanced SL0

Beyond these top 3, a few last road bike models deserve an honorable mention: the Trek Madone Gen 7, the Cannondale Lab71 Supersix, the Rose X-Lite 6 and for slightly smaller budgets, the aluminumSpecialized Allez Sprint Comp is a good choice - after all, you can always upgrade its components at a later date.

The best endurance bikes 2023

Now for those who enjoy long rides and are looking for comfort without sacrificing speed: Endurance bikes are your perfect bikes. Here are our favorites:

1st Giant Defy Advanced SL0.

In 2023, the Giant Defy Advanced SL0 was particularly outstanding for Shirin. This latest version perfectly embodies Giant's philosophy of combining improved performance with uncomplicated handling. The 2023 model is particularly light, weighing just 715 grams in the medium size, and the integration of D-Fuse technology in handlebars and seat post significantly improves the comfort of the bike. Just like the 38 mm tire clearance.

It is an excellent choice for born mountain bikers and all those who enjoy long days in the saddle. The frame has a clean and minimalist design, thanks to the integrated bottle cages that blend seamlessly into the frame. Additional mounting options However, you will look in vain for additional mounting options, which means that the Defy is bucking the trend of equipping endurance bikes with more and more gravel-specific functions.

Giant Defy Advanced SL0

2. Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8.

In contrast to the Defy, the new Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8 combines the best of the endurance and gravel worlds to create a maximally comfortable endurance bike . And this goal is also reflected in one of the main innovations of the new Roubaix: the third generation of the in-house Future Shock damper. Intelligently integrated into the fork, it blocks vibrations and bumps before they reach you via the handlebars, and thanks to three spring rates and additional preload spacers, you can easily adjust it to your riding needs. The seatpost can also bend a little further back thanks to a 65 mm deep seatpost clamp, offering you more comfort at the rear.

The new Roubaix offers various mounting options and a remarkable maximum tire clearance of 40 mm. Available in 7 versions, from 2,800 euros to 14,000 euros, there is a model to suit every budget.

Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8

3rd Vitus Venon Evo-RS.

You might think that the "V" in Venon stands for versatile - it is available in both an Endurance and a Gravel version. gravelversions, which share the same frame, but swapping the wheels and tires creates a completely different bike and riding experience. The bridge that connects the rear seat stays contains a mudguard mount that can be removed for maximum tire clearance. And that's a whole 45 mm by the way! By removing the bracket for the front derailleur, you can easily switch to a 1x setup and use the lowered seat stays and the forgiving carbon-layup ensure a smooth ride on almost any trail surface in any setup. Last but not least, the fully integrated cable routing ensures a clean look and improved aerodynamics.

There are also two bottle cage positions on the down tube, so you can use the lower one and still mount a frame bag on top. The Vitus Venon Evo-RS is a really fast endurance bike that masters climbs with ease and is also quite budget-friendly compared to the aforementioned models: with FORCE AXS equipment, it costs 5300 euros.

Vitus Venon Evo-RS

Honorable mentions in the Endurance Bikes category go to the Scott Addict and the Cube Agree C62which may not have the best tire clearance, but offer good value for money and are among the sportier endurance bikes.

The best gravel bikes 2023

Gravel riding is booming, and manufacturers are launching more and more bikes that offer both comfort and speed for rough terrain. We've seen a lot of interesting gravel bikes, but here are our top gravel bikes of 2023:

1. Canyon Grail CFR 2023.

The new Canyon Grail is a ground-breaking gravelbike designed for speed and versatility. With a new handlebar, the one-piece cockpit and various aerodynamic features (e.g. the semi-integrated cable routing), it is made for racing and saves a whole 9 watts at 40 km/h in the wind tunnel compared to the previous model. A built-in storage compartment and a customized frame bag not only improve the aerodynamics, but also make the new Grail more versatile together with several mounting options. mounting optionsthe 42 mm tire clearance and the mudguards make the new Grail an all-round adaptable bike. A short stem also improves handling, while the longer top tube offers stability.

In summary, the Canyon Grail 2023 is a high-performance gravelbike that appeals to a whole range of different riders and combines speed, efficiency and adaptability.

Canyon Grail CFR 2023

2. Giant Revolt x Advanced Pro o.

The new Gravel bike from Giant impresses with its innovative features. You get absolute control and adaptability on the most varied terrain thanks to a 40 mm suspension fork with three settings, the Giant D-Fuse technology and a 100 mm stroke on the retractable seatpost. seat post. The 50c tires strike the perfect balance between traction and speed with a tire clearance of up to 53 mm. Together with a weight of 9.94 kg (Revolt X Advanced), this equips you for efficient climbs and fast descents. The Revolt performs particularly well on the latter. This bike is designed for fun and is therefore even more suitable for mountain biking than for traditional bikepacking or riding on asphalt. This makes it a real game-changer in the gravel scene, offering an exciting and versatile ride for those who are ready to dive into the world of gravel with a touch of mountain bike flair.

Giant Revolt x Advanced Pro o

3rd Orbea Terra M21e Team 1X.

Last but not least: the Orbea Terra M21e Team 1X, a first-class all-rounder gravel bike.gravelbike. This fast, comfortable and stable bike with a lightweight carbon frame is convincing on climbs and is also perfect for bikepacking thanks to a storage compartment in the down tube and sufficient space on the frame for several bags. The adaptable Terra also allows you to use any stem, gravel handlebar and seatpost combination for maximum versatility. With internally routed cables, agile geometry for technical trails and stability at high speeds, it is designed for a wide variety of terrain, also thanks to the 45 mm tire clearance. Meanwhile, the SRAM Force AXS XPLRgroupset and the Rapid Red 500 DB 700c gravel tires improve the bike's reliability.

At a price of 5,999 euros, this true all-rounder offers more than solid value for money.

Orbea Terra M21e Team 1X

A few gravel bikes also deserve an honorable mention beyond this list. For example, there's the Trek Checkpoint - ideal for very long distances with all its mounting options and high comfort. Then we have the Cannondale Topstone Alloy - a great alternative, especially for those who shy away from riding on gravel with a carbon frame.

So there they were, Shirin's favorite bikes that 2023 had to offer. And the best thing about it? You'll soon be able to find a few of them on buycycle - in premium condition and at lower prices. If you want to switch directly, you can also sell your old bike quickly, safely and easily directly with us. bike sell your old onebefore jumping to the new one. So it's always worth taking a look at our website and our blog Here you will find everything you need to know about bike - and a little bit more. If you have any questions, our team is always there for you and for now: Happy browsing, happy cycling.