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Emily's Garage

Emily's Garage
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Why I ride

Sport - for many, a tool to measure themselves, to grow beyond themselves and beyond limits that seem to be set by society. For me: it has always been a tool of regulating myself and my own feelings. Because I experience emotions l differently to other people. Diagnosed with high sensitivity in 2019, this was just the answer to many unanswered questions in my life. For 25 years, I thought everyone functioned just like me, but for the past four years I've learned that's not the case. Sport, especially cycling, has always been my way to either learn about myself better, to get rid of too much energy or to regulate my inner emotional life. A way to sort my thoughts, understand my feelings and process impressions.

Emily's Garage

Roadbike - FOCUS Izalco Max

Even before I started cycling, sport was always a tool for me, but since 2020 sport has primarily been giving me hours of peace and quiet, whatever the weather. It all started with the FOCUS Izalco Max. The first few kilometers were almost a little overwhelming, figuring out what you want, how you want to ride, not so easy in a world full of rules and elites. But it made me learn to love speed. Fighting up the climbs and making new friends. The road bike brought me a little closer to myself. I learned what my needs were, how I wanted to cycle to make me feelo good at the end of the day, far away from any speed averages and kilometer indicators.

Mountain bike - FOCUS Jam

Then the desire for a challenge came up, the desire for something new, and I started mountain biking. To this day, the FOCUS Jam is the bike I learn the most from. With jumps and technical obstacles, I learn to deal with my fear, to assess it realistically and to understand the difference between fear and respect. Through numerous little challenges, my self-assessment got better, but also my self-confidence grew a lot. And on top all this happens in the middle of the forest and nature.

Gravelbike - FOCUS Atlas

Big adventures can quickly be quite overwhelming for me. I'm not a person who handles challenges particularly well. So when I started riding the Atlas gravel bike from FOCUS it offered me the perfect opportunity to add excitement to my everyday life with the help of smaller adventures. The perfect mix for me between challenge and relaxation, between excitement and boredom. Far away from cars, the bike gives me the opportunity to spend much-needed me-time in nature without being constantly challenged mentally and physically, in contrast to riding on a mountain bike.

The gravel bike as a means of transport - bikepacking was also on the agenda for the first time this year. In Scotland, the bike was the constant that gave me security during the many changes and exciting days in the deserted countryside.

If you want to follow Emily, and her journey with dealing with high sensitivity and her passion of cycling, just click the button below or check @emilyevelyn_ on instagram.