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By bike through Europe - part 2

By bike through Europe - part 2
Photo by Matej Drha / Unsplash

Summer is in full swing and we are noticing more and more that it's vacation time, especially in the buycycle office: It's emptying out. Rarely have we had so much space to write articles! Most are actually out cycling and one even hit the Tuscan EuroVelo route, which we suggested to you last week. So for those who now want to join now, here is part two of our Europe-by-bike tips, in which we take a closer look at the last nine Eurovelo routes and present you our favorite stretches:

9: Baltic-Adriatic Route

Fürstenfeld, Austria - Maribor, Slovenia: Large sections of the ninth EuroVelo route have not yet been completed or officially signposted yet, but the section between Fürstenfeld and Maribor has been and it's well worth it. Styria offers great nature and the closer you get to Maribor, the deeper you get into the wine regions of northeastern Slovenia. Maribor was the European Capital of Culture in 2012, and you'll pass another one along the way: charming Feldbach.

10: Baltic Sea Coastal Route

Turku, Finland - Hamina, Finland: Wrap up nice and warm for this northern adventure. On the way to Hamina, you'll not only pass modern Helsinki (where a whole new subculture in music and art is currently forming, which could be exciting for some), but also countless national parks. If you start cycling after September, you'll even catch the first Northern Lights, but the Finnish coast is breathtaking enough without this light spectacle.

Round trip of Saaremaa Island, Estonia: On this idyllic island picturesque fishing villages and old windmills line up. Especially impressive are the many meteorite craters. But above all, the island offers pure relaxation against a backdrop that looks like something out of a fairy tale. And speaking of fairy tales: The castle in Kuressaare is definitely worth a visit.

from left to right: wine region near Maribor, Helsinki and Saaremaa

11: Eastern Europe Route

Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary - Szeged, Hungary: You start shortly after the Slovak-Hungarian border and land directly in the famous Tokaj wine region. Here you will not only find beautiful lakes (a trip by canoe is highly recommended) and endless fields: If you keep your eyes open, you will discover one of the wine cellars housed in caves or carved directly into stone. A tasting is worthwhile: the sweet wine from the region was personally christened "Wine of Kings" by Louis XV. In Szeged, Hungary's largest city, the many Art Nouveau buildings are particularly worth seeing, and the famous regional fish soup is well worth sipping.

12: North Sea Coastal Route

Bergen, Norway - Oslo, Norway: While not all sections of this route are officially signposted as a EuroVelo route - getting lost on this route is actually quite nice. In Bergen, you'll find the pretty, colorful fishermen's cottages lined up along the coast and bike along Norway's breathtaking fjord scenery. Sea air and the famous natural viewing platform Priekestolen included, before heading to vibrant Oslo. Here you should definitely visit the Opera House and its roof terrace.

Groningen, Netherlands - Calais, France: In Groningen you start with a little culture: The Martinikerk Church is famous for its baroque organ and the futuristic Groningen Museum makes the hearts of modern art lovers beat faster. On the bike to Calais, the journey continues along the North Sea. If you like, you can make a stop in The Hague or Amsterdam before heading to the Wadden Sea. The highlight of this route is definitely the crossing of the 32 km final dike between the provinces of Noord-Holland and Friesland, which takes you directly across the IJsselmeer.

from left to right: Szeged, the Norwegian Fjords and the Groningen Museum

13: Iron Curtain Route

Hohenau an der March, Austria - Bratislava, Slovakia: From the border triangle of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, the route continues through Marchfeld for a while, past wine regions and along the Slovakian border. On the way to Bratislava, a stop at the impressive baroque Hof Castle and the medieval Devin Castle is worthwhile before heading to the Slovak capital, famous for the Ufo Bridge, good beer and a small, but fine, old town.

14: Waters of Central Europe Route

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary - Budapest, Hungary: You start in the pretty village of Zalaegerszeg with its colorful churches and then head to Lake Balaton. This 77 km long body of water not only invites you to swim and relax along the way with the many resorts and spas that line its shores, it also takes you directly to Budapest. If you make the trip before August 10, you can catch the famous Sziget Festival, which brings stars from all over the world to one of the picturesque Danube islands in the heart of the city. But even beyond the festival, Budapest offers everything for a perfect summer city trip.

from left to right: Hof Castle, the UFO Bridge in Bratislava and Lake Balaton

15: Rhine bike path

Andermatt, Switzerland - Constance, Germany: Here you'll start at the source of the Rhine and pass through the picturesque Swiss landscape before arriving at Europe's largest inland body of water: Lake Constance. Lake Toma, where cold-resistant swimmers can let off steam, is not only one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of all, but the Rhine also makes its way through the Alps in an impressive way - and you on the bike right along with it. This route is incredibly varied and leads, among other things, through the smallest town in Switzerland, Werdenberg.

Koblenz, Germany - Cologne, Germany: Here, too, the name of the 15th EuroVelo Route says it all: it goes just under 100 km along the banks of the Rhine from Koblenz northward. Along the way, you'll be greeted by the Riesling wine region, the fabled Drachenfels Castle (no kidding, that's its actual name) near Königswinter, and the Arp Museum. Finally, Cologne is worth a visit not only for a Kölsch beer, but also for its many artistically and culinary inspiring museums (from the contemporary Museum Ludwig to the Chocolate Museum). And we don't even have to get started on Cologne Cathedral here.

from left to right: Tomasee, the castle Drachenfels and your well-deserved Kölsch beer

17: Rhône bike trail

Lyon, France - Geneva, Switzerland: Lyon is considered the culinary capital of France, so it is almost obligatory to fortify yourself here for the coming trip with Quenelles au Brochet (flour dumplings filled with pike), Brugnes(carnival doughnuts) or Saucissons Brioche (sausages wrapped in brioche). On the bike you will pass idyllic villages like Chanaz and untouched southern French nature until the gateway to Switzerland awaits you at the turquoise blue Lake Geneva.

19: Meuse cycle path

Liège, Belgium - Roermond, Netherlands: Medieval Liège has long been the commercial and cultural center of the region. From here you cycle north, and if you like you can make a stop at one of Europe's four preserved coal mines at Begny before reaching pretty Maastricht. The historic old town of Maastricht will win you over with its small stores and medieval charm and if you want to see the most beautiful village in Flanders, Oud Rekem is the place to be. And: we are in Holland, land of cyclists. The route itself, through the middle of the Maasland, will make every cyclist's heart beat faster.

Werkendam, Netherlands - Rotterdam, Netherlands: The small town of Werkendam is your gateway to the marshland of the eastern Netherlands. The National Park de Biesbosch is crisscrossed by small rivers and offers a breathtaking background for the very last stretch of the EuroVelo routes. At the seaside, you will pass the village of Hoek van Holland before heading along the Nieuwe Waterweg (which connects Rotterdam with the North Sea) to Europe's most important harbour city. There you can end the ride on the Euromast, from which you have a 360 degree view over Rotterdam at a height of 100 meters.

from left to right: Chanaz, Maastricht and the swampland of de Biesbosch National Park

That was it! The final push for your European cycling adventure this summer. If you still need the perfect bike for your trip before you set off, you're sure to find it among the 15,000 road, gravel and mountain bikes on our website. If you have any questions about the EuroVelo routes or cycling in general, it's best to browse through the blog or get in touch with the buycycle team. Until then, we wish you: Happy cycling through Europe!