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Guilhelm's Garage

Guilhelm's Garage

A mix of adventure, endurance and a pinch of speed - I am Guilhem Lacaze, an all-rounder in cycling. As an ambassador for SCOTT Sports, my bikes are as diverse as my riding techniques. Whether on asphalt, gravel or on a triathlon course, my passion for cycling is reflected in my experiences and adventures.

Why do you ride?

The thrilling whoosh of the wind, the rhythmic dance of pedals, and the allure of new horizons. But it's also the coffee stops, the challenge, and the sheer, exhilarating freedom. Plus, it's a proven fact that cyclist tan lines make you 80% more attractive, right?


Guilhem's garage

SCOTT Plasma 5

Peek inside my trusty steeds. First up, the SCOTT Plasma 5, a custom marvel that’s truly unique. With a tailor-made bottom bracket, jockey wheels, and chain ring, it's not just a bike - it's a testament to my relentless pursuit of perfection. Will I launch a small component brand? Maybe…


Then there's the SCOTT Foil 2, my loyal day-to-day companion. This bike waits patiently for its new model upgrade like a child anticipating the ice cream truck. It's a versatile speedster that effortlessly transitions from morning commutes to weekend warrior rides.

SCOTT Addict Gravel

Adding a dash of playfulness to my collection is the SCOTT Addict Gravel. This bike is the embodiment of fun and comfort, ideal for gravel grinding and events like the Nova Eroica in Tuscany. Imagine the satisfaction of crunching gravel beneath your wheels while your bike hums in harmony.

SCOTT Foil Premium

Finally, is my first love, the SCOTT Foil 1. This machine is more than just a bike, it's a canvas. It sports a custom paint job, 60mm tubular wheels, and carbon components aplenty, making it as stylish as it is speedy. I hope…

So, there you have it, from my diverse bike collection to my unquenchable thirst for adventure, I am a cycling enthusiast who truly lives the ride.

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