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Lara's Garage

Lara's Garage

Since I started cycling three and a half years ago, I have ridden many legendary roads such as Sa Calobra, Cap Formentor, Passo Stelvio, Passo Rombo, Sella Ronda, Gran Sasso, San Bernardino, Albula, Blockhouse, Teide and Strade Bianche, just to name a few...

Why do you ride?

I was living in southern France when a friend texted me telling me he was around and whether I wanted to go on a bike ride with him. A few days later I found myself going up Mont Ventoux - my first ride on a road bike! The feeling once I reached the top was incredible, it was the moment when I fell in love with cycling!
A few months later, back in Germany, I bought my very first road bike - a Canyon Endurace CF SL WMN 7.0. At first, I was really afraid of going fast, especially descending... however, I really enjoyed riding my bike. For me cycling is a way of relieving stress and enjoying the nature around me. When I am on my bike, there is just me and endless roads ahead.


Lara's Garage

Canyon Inflite

The following summer I bought my second bike, a Canyon Inflite - because we all know: cross is boss ;)

A lot of things have changed since I first got my Endurace... I upgraded my bikes, I now LOVE going as fast as I can, especially when descending (!) but one thing will always stay the same: I will love sitting on my bike feeling the wind in my face.

Canyon Endurace CF SL WMN 8.0 Aero Di2

With a heavy heart I now sell my Canyon Endurace CF SL WMN 8.0 Aero Di2. With this bike I have climbed many of the above mountains. But the highlight with this bike was definitely the Plantur Femmes Tour last year. In seven days we rode the route of the Tour de France Femmes (only without transfers) from Paris to Super Planche des Belles Filles. Seven days of sweat, laughter, pain and joy. I have never ridden seven days in a row, never so many kilometers or meters of altitude. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

My Endurace is the perfect allrounder. It is super comfortable even for long days in the saddle and several days in a row. It's light enough to take up any mountain and has the perfect gears for steep climbs, 50/34 and 11-34, electronical shifting of course! Due to the aero cockpit and deep wheels it is also perfect for riding fast in flat terrain. To put it into one sentence: it is the perfect all rounder.

Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8 Di2

As mentioned before, I know love going fast – so I bought a Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8 Di2 last year. Thanks to its aerodynamic optimized shape and the harder gears it is the perfect bike for going fast

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8 LTD

By the end of last year, I then bought myself another bike, a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8 LTD. As I did not like the components but loved the frame, I completely disassembled it. I then rebuilt according to my dreams. It's my bike of choice for riding in the mountains. And the best part about it – its black with a pinch of glitter!

Female Cycling Force

Because I want to share this passion and encourage other young women to step out of their comfort zone I did not think twice when I was asked to join the Female Cycling Force. The Female Cycling Force is a community from women to women, where everybody is welcome no matter the level, the style or the age. As an engineer I am used to be surrounded by men - and for those who aren't or just want a little variety we offer weekly rides as well as cycle vacations for women.

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