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Love letters to the bike

How do I write a perfect love letter? The buycycle team doesn't know either. But we have tried...

Love letters to the bike
Photo by Abi Schreider / Unsplash

How to write a perfect love letter?

The buycycle team does not know either. But we tried... So here's what we've always wanted to say to our bikes. In a few touching, loving, thoughtful and understandable mini love letters.

Leo - Marketing

I just love the principle of the bike: you can get from A to B so quickly and easily thanks to your own strength. It gives you such a feeling of self-efficacy that it blows me away. My bike is my favorite tool, my favorite means of transportation, and it feels good to know that cycling is also simply a healthy way to get around. healthyenvironmentally friendly thing to do. Oh and of course my bike just looks super nice...

Johanna - Business Development

You are so patient with me! Thank you thank you for putting up with me and still not fallen apart! 

Gekko - Mechanic

In fact, I have a very special relationship with each of my many bikes... I have the right bike for each of my passions, one I use for traveling, the other is my trickster bike. And then each one has its own nickname, from my Rose backroad eventually became "Backie" and so on. At some point, I just started to love bikes and I've never been away from them since, never felt the need to turn my back on them.

Louis - Mechanic

Show me your rear derailleur baby, then I'll make your tires smoke....

Theo - Marketing & Supply

To my old racing bikeBoah, you remind me a bit of an old school friend who you only have good memories of, but when you see him today... Despite all the love, you know that he just took a completely wrong turn somewhere, and that hurts a bit to see...

To my new racing bike: I am always completely overwhelmed by your exterior and interior. I love your sleek design, your awesome color, your look and you're so light and performance-oriented - that's always been important to me. If you were a person, you'd be a bit too loud, a bit exhausting, but you'd have so much charisma that you'd be forgiven...

Isabella - Business Development

Thanks baby, you've never given me a flat tire ever!

Christoph - Operations

You are very chic. It's actually important to me. It's superficial, but what can you do.

Malik - Marketing

Thank you for always getting me from A to B and being so reliable, even though you are so old and rusty. If you were a human, you would be attractive and quirky, full of flaws, but in my eyes you would still be perfect!

Meike - Head of Brand

Thank you for 365 days a year: through rain and sun, freezing cold and scorching heat. Without you, there would be hell to pay: Public transportation.

Maxi - Business Development

I really like my old racing bike for style reasons - it just has a cool look! And I'm a big fan of these old mechanics and technology, I appreciate how everything rattles and interlocks, it's really exciting.

And my good, fit bike: it's new and modern, my most loyal sports buddy. I'd like to thank it for doing everything I want to do on it, because... Some of the trails I ride you down are really the most absurd. Thank you for putting up with it all and it's great that you're not broken yet.

Andreas - Founders Associate

Sorry for leaving you at home in Lyon.... I miss you. Very much!

Jonas - Product

Oh, my bike can do so much more than me hahah. It is superior to me in everything, I see it standing with me and think to myself: Fuck, I should use you so much more. But at the same time it is a bit my lighthouse, my reminder of what is really important to me in life, of my hobbies and my great passion... and that in turn is a very nice feeling. 

Flo - Community

I find nice that I can torture myself on you, and still feel joy.

Sophia - Marketing

So first of all, I have to thank the four of you - if you were all screwed together, I would have a whole working bike. That aside, so is actually my favorite feeling in the world to ride in the summer on the road bike through the Adalbertstrasse in Munich, the piece at the old North Cemetery, where it smells so nice and the sun falls in staccato through the trees on the road and the wind is really great in the hair. Alone for such a moment I love my bikes.

Flo - Country Manager France

Thank you for always being there, so loyal and faithful. You are beautiful and fast and I love your tires. I want to show you the whole world.

Kitsch aside, you are an absolute beast.

Vincent - Business Development

I'm totally bad at that... But we had some really nice moments together, also ups and downs. I am grateful for that!

Daria - Product

I feel like Batwoman on you, feel invincible! And I love the feeling of freedom that the airstream brings me, the knowledge that I could discover any place in this world with you, the feeling of freedom and peace on you.