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What helps against the off-season blues?

What helps against the off-season blues?
Photo by Tim Foster / Unsplash

There are plenty of reasons to despair right now. Read the following 5 tips to find out how we can keep our spirits up without cycling in 20 degree temperatures.

Team buycycle is always pretty positive and tries to find something good in (almost) every situation. And yet even we reach the limits of our good mood when it's drizzling and 7 degrees. Hand on heart: cycling in the off-season just isn't the same. If you do it at all. After all, not everyone wants to wear four layers of clothingmudguards and the other preparatory measuresthat could make cycling more or less fun even in winter. So a little off-season depression is definitely setting in for some people. That's okay too. But you have to do something about it at some point. That's why we got ourselves together, got our heads out of the sand and put together our top 5 tips for fighting the off-season blues.

1. don't give up. Cycle anyway.

Actually, we don't have to let winter tell us anything - if you want to cycle, you cycle. You'll need a little more motivation than in good weather (don't worry, there will be tips on this later), but it always works if you pay attention to a few things.

Your bike should be properly equippedThis means a good light to be able to see and be seen by others even after 16:00, which means tires tires with sufficient grip, mudguards and well-maintained brake pads and gears. Nobody has to freeze if you follow a few simple rules. Take a look at our layering guide and invest in good, warm, breathable cycling clothing. Or grab your normal jersey, a merino sweater and a windbreaker - that should be enough for a start. Just don't forget your gloves and you're ready to go. Out you go, up on the saddle with you!

And if all else fails - then off you go on the roller trainer or into the spinning class. After all, you can also cycle indoors in the warm and dry.

2. find fellow sufferers.

A problem shared is a problem halved, and this also applies to the off-season. To find motivation more easily, it's worth getting together with with your favorite cycling friends and take part more often in group rides more often. Not only is it more fun and offers a bit of company when it's cold and dark, but it also makes it harder for you to give up or cancel rides. What's the point of having such an exciting bikecommunity worldwide if you can't get through the tougher days together? Either on the roads or virtually in your favorite Zwift worlds.

3. take the pressure off.

The conditions are different in the off-season, so it's perfectly fine if your training is too. Instead of your your usual long tours or full performance you can simply do shorter laps, ride a little slower and more carefully, but a little more often! Firstly, this helps you to find motivation, secondly, it lowers the inhibition threshold to stay at home, thirdly, it is easier to integrate into your everyday life and if you ride shorter, you have less time to start freezing after all... It's always safer on slippery, slippery roads if you drive a little more carefully.

person biking on road surrounded with tall and green trees during foggy day
Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

4. relies on alternative training methods.

It doesn't have to be exclusively cycling. It has been proven to be good for your body and moodbut so do other sports. Do a bit of yoga or Pilates, play basketball, integrate a short at-home workout into your day, do strength training or simply go for a long walk. You know which exercise you enjoy and which is best for your body, so expand your training and look into other disciplines. This will also benefit you in the spring, when you will be fit and trained and able to go full throttle on the bike again.

5. don't be so hard on yourself.

Sometimes even tips 1-4 don't help. Sometimes it's just too cold and uncomfortable and you don't feel like doing any other sport. And yet you still miss cycling. And that's okay sometimes. Then devote your time to other things that bring you joy: Go to the moviesmeet up with friends, take a dog for a walk or order your favorite meal. favorite meal home - make the off-season as enjoyable as possible. After all, it will pass.

man in red jacket riding bike on bridge

Or go shopping for a new bike for the new season and have a little binge session on buycycle.com . Among the more than 15,000 bikes available online racing bikes, gravel and mountain bikes you're sure to find the bike you need to get going again in spring and/or the one that will help you survive the off-season. Browse through, take a look at our hot deals, set filters and save search queries so you don't miss a single deal. And for a bit of reading during the cold days, the blog is there for you, with lots of exciting articles about cycling. If you have any questions, our team is always there for you, but for now we wish you: Happy browsing, happy cycling. Keep your head up. Off-season will end.