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Saddlebags Essentials

What do you pack in your saddlebag? In this blogpost you will find our buycycle suggestions for your next MTB or road bike tour.

Saddlebags Essentials

This is what you pack for your next bike ride in your saddlebag en!

One Saddle bag is a small bag that is attached to the saddle of a bicycle and is usually used to carry small items that you need during a tour. They come in different shapes and sizes, all well and good, but what should go in there anyway? In this blog post there are answers...

  • Tire levers: If you have a flat tire tire levers are an absolute must and make this small repair easier for even the strongest hands. They come in different sizes, so be sure to buy a pair that will fit in your pocket.
  • Spare tube: Even the perfect tire levers are of no use to you in the event of a puncture if you don't have a spare tube with you. If you don't have the tube When you take the tube out of the package, make sure that the rubber band stays wrapped around the tube to hold it tightly together, which firstly saves space in the bag and secondly protects the tube better from scratches. How exactly you can easily replace a hose, you will learn here.
  • Mini pump/CO2 cartridge/inflator: If you've replaced a punctured hose with a new one, you'll obviously need to inflate it before your tour can continue. CO2 cartridges are a convenient option; they're small and easy to carry, and the inflation nozzle is fairly compact, too. But they are one-shot-wonders, so be extra careful when you put them on, you only get air out of them once after all. A cheaper and much more environmentally friendly alternative, however, is a small hand pump. The does not fit in every saddlebag, but you can often also at the frame clamp.
  • Repair kit: If you're really unlucky and suffer two punctures in one ride, extra repair kit in your saddlebag is your salvation. These kits are small, easy to carry, and it's always better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have one. If you have a tubeless bike tire, an appropriate alternative is necessary for you.
  • Multi-Tool: Again, better safe than sorry. There are countless components on your bike that can shift or come loose, and a multitool is often the best way to fix these small problems quickly and easily. There are many different multitools available, so pick one that suits your needs and is compatible with the bolts on your bike .

If there is still some space left in your bag, we recommend that you also pack the following items:

  • Extra Cash: For emergencies or even for a sneaky espresso it's always a good idea to have some cash on you.
  • Wet wipes: Not essential, but better than grease on your bike and clothes when you need to fix a chain that has fallen off.
  • Band-Aids : Accidents happen, so it's helpful to have a band-aid handy to take care of minor scrapes and cuts if needed.

These are our buycycle suggestions for your next saddlebag packing list. Exactly what you pack will depend on your personal needs and preferences. You can also take inspiration from our 20 bike gadgets tips for inspiration... We wish you all the best for your next bike tour: Happy packing, happy cycyling!