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Sarah's Garage

Sarah's Garage

Who is Sarah?

On the bike: Sarah is a versatile enthusiast when it comes to bicycles, though she feels most like herself when she is riding off-road. She currently rides for Cannondale and Pas Normal Studios and from 2024 on also for buycycle! She raced a full gravel calendar, finishing on several podiums in 2023. Her most notable achievement was winning her age category during the grueling 320km UNBOUND race in Kansas and competing in the UCI gravel world championships in Italy this past October.

Off the bike: Originally from Canada, Sarah moved to Berlin three years ago to complete a Masters in Management with a focus on sustainability and then embarked on a short career as an environmental consultant. Since then, her professional path has evolved and led her into the exciting world of marketing in the tech industry.
In her free time, she enjoys jogging or hunting for good mochi :)

Sarah's Garage

Cannondale Supersix Evo SE - Special edition

The Cannondale super six evo gravel bike edition is her ride of choice. It's been with her through the toughest races on the calendar and has never let her down. Not only does it look amazing with its limited edition paint job, but it can easily swap gravel wheels for road when needed, making it the ultimate 'do it all' bike.  

Cannondale Supersix Evo - High mod 1

This bike is the "ride of her life", as Sarah says. As soon as you get on the Supersix high mod, you instantly feel it's magic. Smooth, steady, and fast. 

Cannondale Scalpel 3

With the full-suspension Cannondale Scalpel 3, there is nothing you can't do. Sarah loves riding this bike in the trails in Girona, or in woods close to her place in Berlin.

If you want to follow Sarah's exciting next racing season, be sure to keep an eye on her Instagram: @sdiekie_