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What's new? Spring 2023 edition

What's new? Spring 2023 edition
buycycle WatchBlog: In this series, we take a look at developments in the bicycle industry and cycling culture every month: from spinning to Copenhagenizing - we introduce you to all the trends and innovations. Today: What's new? We present the most exciting new drops of the season!

It's finally spring, the cycling season is underway, the switchbacks and trails are now already full. That now begins for bike lovers:inside the most beautiful and intense time of the year, the many manufacturers in the industry know and are with suitable new products at the start...

Spring News

1. new Specialized Hybrid bike

We start directly with a real surprise: Specialized reinvents the wheel. At least the frame, because the new Sirrus Carbon bike of the manufacturer has where the seatpost usually ends ... Well, a hole. What from a design perspective so many jaws drop, justifies Specialized as follows: The chainstays, which form an arc-shaped bridge to the down tube on the Sirrus, whose apex connects to the truncated seat tube, is intended to significantly improve comfort on the bike.

Beyond the exciting frame Specialized offers with the new Sirrus a high performing hybrid bike, which is more than convincing on the road and at the same time opens the door to gravel territory further. The Future Shock suspension absorbs vibrations before they reach the handlebars and also the tire clearance of 42 mm opens new trails.

2nd update for the Pirelli Race tires

The tire giant Pirelli has relaunched its P Zero Race TLR tire a few weeks ago. The tubeless race tire has the same Smart EVO rubber compound as its predecessor, but the carcass is thinner and more compliant. In addition, the synthetic aramid fibers in the carcass protect against punctures better than cotton or nylon do, and reduce rolling resistance by 24 percent, according to Pirelli.

3. new frame for the Cannondale Topstone

Lab71 is the new high-performance sub-brand of the manufacturer Cannondale, which is to offer the "best of the best bikes". In March, this has now developed a new frameset for Cannondale's Topstone. The carbon Lab71 frame is 160 grams lighter than the original, with no loss in strength or performance. The frame still features Cannondale's Kingpin suspension with 30mm of travel and offers 45mm of tire clearance. Above all, its high-gloss finish is impressive, but so is the price. For a massive 4,199€ you can upgrade your old Topstone with the new frameset.

4. SRAM says goodbye to the derailleur hanger

Shift eye goodbye, direct mounting ahoy. Shimano has already tried, but SRAM wins this big coup: high-end mountain bikes no longer need a derailleur hanger with the new T-Type Eagle gearbox. The new T-Type components are mounted with SRAM's new interface directly on the frame, more precisely on the axle of the rear wheel. This is intended to increase the robustness and reliability of the transmission, improve shifting even under heavy weight and facilitate operation and adjustment. The only drawback: The new system works only on bikes that use SRAMs Universal Hanger and is not compatible with old Eagle components.

5. new Canyon Trail bike

Canyons relaunched Neuron refreshes the MTB scene with new frame geometry, fully integrated cable routing and improved pivot points. The new Neuron is available in carbon and aluminum, it offers a full 140 mm travel at the fork and 130 mm travel at the damper and should be a true trail all-rounder. Pricing is between 1,899€ for the cheapest aluminum version and 5,999€ for the carbon top version.

6. new Cannondale mountain bike

Another new mountain bike and another drop from Cannondale: Quietly and secretly appeared a few weeks ago the new Habit Alloy on the manufacturer's website. The frame geometry is more aggressive, the down tube is provided with an extra protective layer to better protect the frame from stone chips and the continuous chainstay protection minimizes the impact of the chain when riding downhill. With 140mm of travel up front and 130mm in the rear, and the premium Cannondale SmartForm C1 Alloy aluminum frame material, we can state that this was definitely a drop worth mentioning - even if Cannondale didn't beat the advertising drum for now....

7. new Redlight clipless pedals

The original Arclight pedals of the manufacturer were designed for urban commuter:in, but the new Arclights include with their three configuration options each:n driver:in. Through the modular design can be conjured from the SPD platform pedal an XC / Gravel SP pedal or MTB SPD pedal. However, one of the coolest features of these pedals is lost, the integrated lights. The COB LED strips, which adhere magnetically to the sides of the pedals, automatically detect the orientation of the pedal and light accordingly white in the direction of travel and red to the rear.

8. new Rose E-bike

Rose proves to be the hero of camouflage with its new SNEAK+. The third E-bike of the manufacturer is hardly distinguishable from non-electric city bikes, only a small power button on the top tube makes the chic Rose bike a chic Rose E-bike. The battery is hidden in the down tube, the powerful motor is mounted on the rear wheel, all cables are routed internally and the LED lights are fully integrated into the handlebars and seat post. The aluminum frame and carbon fork make the SNEAK + durable and low maintenance and it can be noted that the bike rides as elegant as it looks at 14.5 kilograms.

9. another new Rose E-bike - soon!

As we all know, the best comes at the end. We know and love Rose's REVEAL PLUS e-road bike, but with the REVEAL PLUS SLR, Rose is about to revolutionize the e-bike game. The idea? Wafer-thin and highly effective solar panels on the carbon frame, protected by an extra-resistant layer of paint that actually increases the panels' energy output. And the result? An e-road bike with no end to the fun of riding, a battery that never runs out, just 500 grams heavier but infinitely more advanced. But until the REVEAL PLUS SLR actually becomes reality, a little patience is still required...

So there they were, the most important new drops of the season. If you have any questions about bikes, feel free to take a look at the blog or contact the buycyle team. Until then, we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!