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5 tips for more cycling pleasure in winter

In snow, slush and darkness, it is important that your bike is winterized. We show you in today's post 5 important tips!

5 tips for more cycling pleasure in winter

Motivated cycling through the cold days

Winter is here and that means slippery, muddy and dark rides. Means you need to prepare your bike for these harsh conditions. But don't despair, just ask buycycle : in this blog post we'll show you 5 important tips on how to get your bike ready for winter. Let's get started!

1. Clean through the cold

In winter, you need to clean your bike more often and more thoroughly than in summer. Pay special attention to the drivetrain and brakes to prevent dirt or debris from building up and causing problems like corrosion during the winter months. Also, be sure to wet your chain with a damp lubricant after washing your bike so nothing rusts!

2. grip and traction

Check your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. It may also be a good idea to switch to wider tires with more tread for better traction on slippery roads. This should be possible on most bikes. If you ride a pure road bike, there are many road bike tires with more tread, even if you can't upgrade to wider ones.

3. clean through the cold, the second

Consider equipping your bike with mudguards to stay dry when riding on wet surfaces. They may not look particularly cool, but neither will your wet butt. Plus, not only do they keep the mud off you, but they also prevent you from splashing everyone behind you on group rides and making some new enemies.

4. shine bright

In winter, the days are shorter and darker, so you should invest in a good pair of lights for the front and back of your bike. By making yourself and your path more visible, you not only increase your own safety, but also that of other road users. Make sure the lights work and are properly aligned.

5. better safe than sorry

Last but not least, we recommend that you mount a saddlebag with all the essentials, such as a spare tube. Knowing that you are prepared for anything, even in wind and weather, will relax you and you will have more fun on the bike. If you're not sure what should go in your saddlebag, get answers here.

Now, if you still have respect for winter riding and additional questions, we're always here for you. But with this guide you should be ready for most cold challenges! If you're still looking for your next winterbike , you're sure to find it at buycycle.com. As always, we wish you happy browsing, happy cycling!